Former President Clinton welcomes “green” building movement to town

It is used to be an obsolete, rundown, energy-wasting, water-guzzling office building in downtown Las Vegas.

But rather than tear it down like Las Vegas usually does with old things, the city has saved the ten-story tower.

Today, the retro-fit meets the highest environmental standards in the country. And the job is so impressive that former President Bill Clinton stopped to see it in person during his ongoing campaign to clean up our polluted planet.

“This is not rocket science.”

Instead, Mr. Clinton says it’s a scientific and economic necessity for Nevada to clean up its act. He says before the economy recovers in the state, now is the time to launch green energy projects.

“Every city building, county building, every hospital without building a single new building.”

What is so impressive about the 1960s office building is that the retro-fit job has cut energy usage by 30 percent and water by 40 percent thanks to the installation of more energy efficient technology.

“I think it’s going to be immensely successful,” says Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman. “This will bring jobs, jobs, jobs. That’s what we talk about.”

Work areas also have lots of natural lighting and cleaner air to breathe.

The Las Vegas Constable’s Office already occupies the fifth floor and, in just a few short months after moving in, the constable reports that sick days have decreased and employee efficiency has improved.

During his tour, Clinton said if only every building could be this way, the environment and the economy would be a lot better off.

The office building is located at the corner of Third and Carson in downtown Las Vegas. It is the first ever retro-fitted building in Nevada to receive “Gold” certification for meeting LEED environmental standards.

Source : Steve Crupi reporting from MyNews3