SMARDT Air-Cooled Chillers

Air-cooled chiller range – 200 kW to 1800 kW

The Smardt air-cooled range offers the smallest footprint on the market, the quietest operation on the market (in both standard and low-noise configurations) and the highest air-cooled operating efficiencies on the market.

The standard SBS condenser coils are electrophoretically dipped with proven salt spray resistance exceeding 6000 hours to ASTM B117. Stainless steel fasteners are utilised throughout the condenser construction. Additionally, UV and colour stabilised High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) panels ensure each chiller maintains a sustainable and long-lasting aesthetic.

Remote air-cooled condensing

The remote location of the condenser can be a preferred option in many applications. Smardt can supply a full package if desired, or on a condenser-less basis. Either way, full warranty applies to all components supplied and commissioned.

Evaporative pre-cooling

In many climates, Smardt’s prototype evaporative pre-cooling system can minimize air-cooled power consumption. This will be very efficient from both a first-cost and an operating cost perspective. Smardt’s R&D shows savings of over 30% for evaporative pre-cooling compared with the normal air-cooled operation.

SMARDT Air-Cooled Chillers Specifications

SMARDT Air-Cooled Chillers Physical Data

SMARDT Air-Cooled Chillers Brochure (PDF)