To promote stewardship of energy by reducing energy consumption while maintaining a productive and thriving environment through the use of continuous improvement methods and tools


To culture an environment and tradition of excellence that embraces continuous improvement and positive change.

Goals & Objectives

Results Orientated: Partner with strategic partners to principally use latest technologies to lower energy costs and resolve energy issues raised by clients.

Competency Focused: Instill and enforced continuous improvement knowledge base, breaking complicated issues into easily manageable step by step solutions.

Measure & Celebrate Impact: Develop and use the latest technological software to track progress, celebrate success, and create more acceptance/use of continuous improvement.

Policy Statement on Health & Safety

Enlighted Solutions Sdn Bhd’s policy is to STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE in all aspects of Safety & Health.

It is, therefore, our obligation and responsibility to take every reasonable and practical step to:

Provide a system of work aimed at Zero Accidents, Zero Death, Zero and Occupational Illnesses.

Protect everyone including workers as well as the general public in the project site from exposure to risk to their Safety and Health.

Continual improvement in OH&S management and OH&S performance.

Comply with applicable legal and other requirements relates to the OH&S hazards.

Our objective is to achieve zero accidents. To meet this target, we will foster and
develop strong “Safety Working Culture” in our operation. At the same time,
appropriate contingency plans are ensured to be in place to deal with any possible
Date: 2 July 2018