Temperature Technology

Temperature Technology

Wireless Dual Temperature Channel Datalogger (T-TEC F-RF)

User Manual T-TEC Wireless temperat1ure data logger with dual temperature sensors (T-TEC F-RF) Wireless temperature data logger with connection for two thermistor sensors – at least one of which is on a remote lead. Sensors can be programmed together or individually. Technical Specifications (same for all devices) Datalogger and Sensor Accuracy Specifications

Wireless Single Temperature Channel Datalogger (T-TEC E RF)

User Manual T-TEC Wireless Temperature Data Logger (thermistor) Wireless thermistor temperature data logger, up to 350 meters from Gateway, with large onboard memory. Options include SMS, email, alarms, relays, data distribution through the cloud, user access control. Technical Specifications (same for all devices) Datalogger and Sensor Accuracy Specifications


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T-Tec (Temperature Technology)

Dataloggers: What are data loggers? Why choose T-TEC data loggers? T-TEC data loggers are the optimal choice due to the latest technology, unique design and powerful user-friendly software. Except for the humidity loggers, all t-tec dataloggers are IP68 waterproof. All T-TEC data loggers’ polycarbonate casings are both durable and strong. Put it anywhere (optional wall …

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