Computrol VAV Controllers

VAV Controllers

What makes our VAV controllers unlike any other on the market?

Computrols Professional HVAC-DDC controllers are the backbone of large CBAS systems. They are specifically made to meet the challenges of today’s largest and most demanding facilities.

With over 30 years in the industry, Computrols has established a solid reputation as a leader in automation systems from hardware to software. For open applications, Computrols provides the most flexible products available.

And did we mention that every Computrols DDC Controller comes with a lifetime warranty?


Computrol-VAV-B-AP (364 kb)

Computrol-VAV-B-AP_BACnet (700 kb)

Computrol-VAV-B-P (306 kb)

Computrol-VAV-B-P_BACnet (711 kb)

Computrol-VAV-B-X (267 kb)

Computrol-VAV-B-X_BACnet (710 kb)

Computrol-VAV-B-Manual (1.3 MB)