Alfresco Cooling Systems

Alfresco dining at hotels, restaurants & cafes is more popular than ever but our high summer temperatures can make the experience unpleasant. Installing an Ozmist misting system will provide genuine cooling for patrons and staff during our long hot summers and make the area more usable. Ozmist misting systems create a stunning visual effect that will draw people in and keep them longer. Ozmist supplies two different systems for Outdoor Cooling. The most commonly supplied system is a Static System where lengths of stainless steel tube are run either under covered areas or around the perimeter of the building to create a curtain of mist. A high-pressure pump module is supplied to create the high-pressure water required for evaporation. Fan misting systems are also very popular where height, cover and open spaces are available.<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Ozmist Static Systems

Static mist systems can be installed along fascias, under verandah overhangs, under shade umbrellas or structures. The nozzle spacings depend on the average ambient temperature as well as the use of the area, prevailing wind conditions, the direction of the sun, shading and size of the area to be cooled. Misting lines are installed at a minimum height of 2.7 meters from the floor to ensure that surfaces and people don’t feel any moisture, only a cool refreshing change!

Ozmist Misting Fans

Ozmist Misting Fans add extra cooling through the use of high-velocity wall mounted fans with stainless steel misting rings fitted to the face. The air stream from our 750mm fan will throw cool refreshing air over 12 meters.Kit systems are regularly sent around Australia and don’t require a qualified person for installation. Kit systems include everything that will be required for the installation including a full instruction manual and phone support should there be any queries. For us to provide a quotation with all that is normally required are some digital pictures with length, width and height dimensions as well as possible pump locations. Where feasible a dealer will visit the site to confirm the installation and offer suggestions.