Humidification Systems

Wine Barrel Stores within Australia traditionally suffer from low relative humidity levels.
Low humidity equates to wine losses due to evaporation and seepage (up to 15% in some environments).

An Ozmist Humidification System will keep the relative humidity at a constant level throughout the store, automatically regulating the introduction of ultra-fine mist to match vapour pressure deficit within the wine barrels.

The vapour migration occurring in mechanically cooled stores is substantially reduced, thus reducing the need for topping off by up to 50%. An Ozmist system helps to achieve substantial savings annually and will pay for itself in a short period of time.

The Secret is in the Mist! The Ozmist system is custom designed and manufactured to suit the store. Misting lines fitted with specially designed nozzles are installed below the ceiling. The misting lines are connected to the Ozmist High-Pressure Pump Module that pressurises water to 1000PSI.
The high-pressure water is forced through the nozzle and atomises into millions of ultra-fine droplets that “Flash Evaporate” when they come into contact with the atmosphere.

The desired conditions are programmed into the humidistat which controls the pump module operation. Humidity spikes are eliminated and losses through evaporation can now be contained to approximately two per cent.
How much will you save? You probably already know the average amount of wine required to “top” each barrel per year.

Barrells in storage?
Amount of wine required at each topping?

Topping wine cost per litre?

Amount of Toppings per year?

Total Wine Saving $
A labour example could also be done;
Amount of Man Hours per topping
Labour Rate Labour cost per topping.

If you are doing 4 toppings per year then this may be reduced to three as evaporation rates will be reduced to approximately 2%.

Wear and tear on Forklift, barrels, racks and health and safety should also be considered.
Features of the Ozmist Barrel Store System; Controlled by a fully programmable and easy to set LED humidistat that maintains a humidity differential of + or -1% within the barrel room.
Minimal maintenance required on the system.
Barrels or floors will not be wet as the mist totally evaporates.
Power and water cost’s to run the system are minimal.

Ozmist misting system perfectly complements refrigerated cooling systems as they replace moisture removed by the refrigeration process.
Savings achieved in lost wine and labour costs to top barrels will pay for the system in a short period of time.

Empty barrels will benefit from the controlled environment when not in use.