Refrigerated Trucks and Trailers: Trailers

“Are the trailers keeping the temperatures?”

TranScan 2-ADR in the outdoor weather-proof casing mounts on the front of the trailer. Can connect up to four temperature sensors and on/off sensors. Includes printer for Delivery and Journey tickets, so that the driver can prove to the customer at delivery points that temperatures were maintained. This model can connect via RS232 port to Navman and other GPS systems for automatic and prompted downloads of temperature files to head office regardless of position.

Transcan 2ADR Transcan refrigerated vehicle temperature printing recorder

Transcan 2ADR type 'C'

Transcan 2ADR type ‘T’

For external mounting on trailer

Transcan 2ADR type 'R

Transcan 2ADR type ‘C’

For in cab installation

Transcan 2ADR type ‘R’

Car radio size in-cab unit

Available Features

For refrigerated vehicles

  • Refrigerated truck
  • Refrigerated van

Printout (Ticket) Options

  • Delivery Ticket
  • Journey
  • Multi Day Printouts

Temperature alarm option

Winter/summer clock adjustment

In-built help facility

Downloadable to computer:

  • via DCU (data collection unit)
  • directly to laptop


  • 4 temperature plus
  • 4 event (on/off)

RS232 port for connection to on board computer system for vehicle tracking and location applications

Temperature Ranges -50 + 50 °C
Memory 105, 120 logs

Further technical specifications and accessories of the Transcan 2ADR.