T-TEC-E Thermistor Temperature Data Logger

User Manual

T-TEC 6 2 RE temperature data logger with relay

T-TEC Thermistor Temperature Data Logger

The T-TEC E data logger is accurate, watertight, versatile, can connect many different probes to suit different applications, eg, meat, compost and surface sensors and so forth.

Temperature Range

-40 to 85 °C

Other Features

  • Memory: 12,000+ logs
  • Relay: Optional
  • Sensor Option 1E : Fixed internal
  • Sensor option 2E: Fixed external
  • Sensor option 3E: With connector for the remote sensor
  • Ingress Protection (IP): 68, Dust and water tight, IEC standard 60529


  • Height: 10.50 cm
  • Width: 6.00 cm
  • Depth: 3.00 cm
  • Weight: 0.40 kg

Without LCD Display (Type 6)

  • Audio alarm

With LCD Display (Type 7)

  • Low battery warning
  • Logging indicator
  • Visual alarm

T-Tec E Datalogger and Sensor Accuracy Specifications