Computrol VAV Controllers

What makes our VAV controllers unlike any other on the market? Computrols Professional HVAC-DDC controllers are the backbone of large CBAS systems. They are specifically made to meet the challenges of today’s largest and most demanding facilities. With over 30 years in the industry, Computrols has established a solid reputation as a leader in automation …

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Computrol Lifetime Warranty

It’s been said that a warranty is only as good as the company that backs it… Computrols leads the way by providing the only Lifetime Warranty on DDC controls in the industry. No other building automation company comes close to the quality and reliability we engineer into every DDC controller. But when we say “Lifetime” …

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Computrol X-Line

X-Line: The Industry’s Leading DDC Controllers The Computrols X-line controller has become the staple product of our HVAC controller line. These powerful controllers provide endless flexibility. Each X-line control board is equipped with Universal points, additionally, each X-line control board is equipped with 2 rs-485 communication ports. These ports can be configured to communicate several …

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Computrol Brochures

LX Datasheets 8-LX-Datasheet 16-LX-Datasheet 32-LX-Datasheet 64-LX-Datasheet LX-Comparison-Chart X-line-64X-Controller X-line-32X-Controller X-line-16X-Controller X-line-8X-Controller X-line-CBAS_Datasheet Unitary Datasheets Unitary Controller UNI-B-X Unitary Controller UNI-B-P Unitary Controller UNI-B-AP VAV Datasheets Computrol-VAV-B-AP Computrol-VAV-B-AP_BACnet Computrol-VAV-B-P Computrol-VAV-B-P_BACnet Computrol-VAV-B-X Computrol-VAV-B-X_BACnet Computrol-VAV-B-Manual Computrols Building Automation Software – Datasheets & Manuals (PDF) CBAS_Datasheet CBAS_Network_Architecture CBAS-and-Veris-Hawkeye CBAS-Email-Alarm-Editor CBAS-Hot-Keys CBAS-Innovations CBAS-Mobile CBAS-Sequencer CBAS-Starter-Kit CBAS-Web CBAS-Web-Accounting-Module Computrols_CBAS_Manual Computrols-CBAS-Web-Manual