We embrace diversity

Published February 20, 2017

With the current global turmoil and increasing nationalism, we praise our diversity in nationality, age, religion and gender.

Danfoss Semco systems are used worldwide. From Canada to Australia, from the artic to South Africa. Our environment is truly global and so are our customers. Naturally, our organisation should reflect this.

Contrary to recent movements that alienate specific nationalities and foreigners in general, we embrace diversity. We believe that different cultures, as well as diversity in background, nationality, gender and age, provides a much more dynamic and inspiring workplace. Being inspired and working in a non-homogenous environment provides better and safer solutions for our customers.

When we hire new employees, we select candidates based on competencies, values and strong business ethics. This is the only way to foster superior performance. Our ambition is to be successful, not as a result of tariffs and trade barriers, but because we understand the customer and provide the right, easy and safe solution.

We will make the world a safer place and hope our customers will see Danfoss Semco as the No.1 choice.

Danfoss Semco employees (from right to left): Tom Lauritzen, General Manager (Denmark), Andrew Bates, Sales Manager (England), Fadel Abdullah, Foreman stores (Iraq), Aleksandra Bjerringholm, R&D Engineer (Poland), Brian Andersen, Worker (Denmark), Rashid Haddadi, Business Development Manager (Iran), Maria Salcudean, Marketing Coordinator (Romania).