Air Conditioning: Commissioning of new plant

Commissioning of new plant

“Customer wants to know that the temperature is properly maintained in all areas”

Depending on the size and number of rooms, many data loggers may be needed to provide evidence of how a system works in all spaces simultaneously.


T-TEC 6-1E Data loggers are accurate and reliable.

Thermocr2 iButton temperature data loggers

Thermochrons may be an economical alternative if the accuracy of ±1 °C is acceptable.

If the area is one large space, the readings of minimum 9, preferably more, data loggers may be loaded into DyMap: Dynamic Mapping Software for a visual representation of the many graphs in moving colours. Using Dymap, it is easy to see where the heat comes from and when and where it is lost. Dymap works with T-TEC, Thermochron and other data loggers, if the file format is suitable.