Danfoss wins Environmental and Energy Efficiency Award

Danfoss Drives won the coveted Environmental and Energy Efficiency Award at the inaugural Motion Control Industry Awards held at the National Conference Centre on 12 April 2016. The organizers recognized Danfoss Drives for generating surplus power from wastewater treatment.


The project that won Danfoss Drives this prestigious accolade was rolled out in the Marselisborg wastewater treatment plant where the focus has shifted from minimizing energy consumed to maximizing net energy surplus.

Water and wastewater treatment processes are characterized by high load variation during the 24-hour cycle, and seasonally throughout the year. The use of AC drives has consistently increased in the last 25 years in order to control motorized equipment to adapt to the changing demand.

To date, over 290 Danfoss VLT® AC drives have been implemented in every rotating application in the water treatment and distribution system including the blowers, pumps, mixers and dewatering equipment. The drives ensure the plant runs smoothly by optimizing the control of the wastewater treatment process, the sewers and the distribution of clean drinking water. And, with processes running right at their limit but not beyond it, the outstanding precision control of the drives ensures safety and security at all stages.

Optimized processes ensure the plant produces as much energy as possible while, at the same time, minimizing electricity consumption. This has resulted in the wastewater facility reaching over 200% energy production in the first months of 2016. The energy surplus is enough to run the entire water cycle in the Marselisborg catchment area.

What is even more impressive is that Danfoss was also shortlisted for another category –Project of the Year – for the same project.

John Martin, Country Manager at Danfoss Drives UK was delighted with the award win and second nomination: “We were very excited to find out that we were nominated for two categories. When the winner was announced for the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Award we were simply thrilled! It was a great night and the trophy serves as a testimony to our dedication and expertise in providing outstanding energy-efficient solutions.”