Energy efficiency can be increased by 40 percent


Energy utilization can be increased by 40 percent

Not far from the Shanghai Disneyland, there is an area of 20,000 square meters of the Quartet building, is a network of pipe and cables, to provide energy for the Shanghai Disneyland area and at the same time to provide cold, hot, electricity, hot water, compressed air acting as an “Integrated processing plant”, with five gas turbine generator sets and five flue gas hot water type lithium bromide absorption of hot and cold water units.

5 flue gas hot water type lithium bromide absorption hot and cold water unit is developed by

Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems Co. Ltd
., which can be effective for high-temperature flue gas and high-temperature cooling water discharged from generator set Use, for the entire park area for cold, heating.

Shuang Liang Company Bromocene Cooler Division Professor Zhang Changjiang, a senior engineer, Shuangliang Group provides a total of 19655kw of cold and thermal energy support for the entertainment and living facilities of Shanghai Disneyland. This will increase energy efficiency by 40.5%, bringing the overall energy efficiency to 85.9%.