Pharmaceuticals and Laboratories: Controlled atmosphere environments and incubators: T-TEC 6-1C or T-TEC 7-1C or T-TEC 6-2C or T-TEC 7-2C

Controlled atmosphere environments and incubators:

“We need to monitor temperature and humidity at all times”

T-TEC 6-1C Combined temperature and humidity datalogger
T-TEC 7-1C: combined temperature and humidity data logger with display

The T-TEC 6-1C or T-TEC 7-1C Data logger with an external sensor for humidity and an internal sensor for temperature complies with the strictest requirements. The casing is closed so the data loggers can tolerate high humidity in the incubator or climate chamber.


If temperature changes are happening fast, the T-TEC 6-2C or T-TEC 7-2C with fixed external temperature sensor should be chosen.