T-Tec Brochures

User Manual

  1. User manual for T-TEC & T-TEC RF data loggers Version 14 for Windows: MAN14A
  2. T-TEC Data loggerUSER’S MANUALVersion 11A for Windows: MAN11A2


  1. Wireless data loggers-BrochureJuly2017 NEW! Wireless data loggers-July2017 NEW! Wireless data loggers-July2017PDF Download
  2. General Overview for T-TEC dataloggersGeneral Overview for T-TEC dataloggers General Overview for T-TEC dataloggersPDF Download
  3. Data logger without display
  4. Datalogger with display
  5. DyMap 2D temperature movie software for large amounts of data
  6. TempTec-R Thermochron Temperature Datalogger Reader
  7. Thermochron iButton Data Loggers
  8. T-TEC 6-P Temperature data Logger for Pt100 sensor-200+280C_3ranges
  9. T-TEC 7-1C Temperature and humidity datalogger with optional LCD display
  10. T-TEC 7-3A Process data logger for 4_20mA scalable input
  11. T-TEC 7-3E Compost temperature data logger, with display and visual alarm
  12. T-TEC 7-3F Temperature datalogger for 2 sensors with display
  13. T-TEC Software Operation and graphical display for T-TEC data loggers and Thermochron loggers
  14. WirelessT-TecDataloggers