You cannot manage what you cannot measure

Eniscope Real-Time Energy Management Systems

Did you know that up to 43% of global energy consumption is going to waste as a result of inefficient equipment?

Without a reliable and accurate way to measure ongoing energy consumption, organisations have very little chance of preventing that energy waste.

Eniscope Real-Time Energy Management Systems offer highly accurate measurement of over 30 electrical parameters.

The compact plug and play energy management systems instantly provide local real-time diagnostics on energy consumption patterns for each monitored circuit, this will also work on an individual piece of equipment, circuit, department or the entire building.

Why not integrate it with your renewable energy solution, so it can be monitored allowing you to understand how much energy you are generating and how much you are drawing from the grid.

Additional parameters that can be monitored are temperature, gas and water, which are monitored through the pulse input ports.

Historical data is accessed and analysed at one-minute resolutions which is 30 times more accurate information than a smart meter provides and you can access your data from anywhere in the world via the eniscope analytics system, which also delivers up to date spending forecasts, accurate carbon monitoring and daily energy reports.

The energy data is exported via your Ethernet network or over a cellular network via the optional GPRS module if the Ethernet connection is not readily available. Remember you cannot measure what you do not monitor.