OzMist Aerial Disinfection

Aerial disinfection via misting in the presence of pigs and poultry reduces the numbers of bacteria and viruses in the air, settles the dust, reduces odour by the absorption of ammonia, and has a cooling effect in warm weather. This method has been used successfully across multiple sites in Australia by using the OzMist Aerial …

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Low Pressure Misting Systems

Misting systems have been a very popular choice for outdoor cooling in the United States and other parts of the world for over 30 years. Ozmist pioneered the introduction of High Pressure Misting Systems to the Australian market 10 years ago. In that time we have developed a vast array of quality products that are …

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Humidification Systems

Wine Barrel Stores within Australia traditionally suffer from low relative humidity levels. Low humidity equates to wine losses due to evaporation and seepage (up to 15% in some environments). An Ozmist Humidification System will keep the relative humidity at a constant level throughout the store, automatically regulating the introduction of ultra-fine mist to match vapour …

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Dust Suppression Systems

Ozmist Dust Suppression Systems are an extremely cost-effective and efficient way of controlling fugitive dust. It is very simple in operation, has a low initial purchase cost, no adverse effects on product quality, low operating costs and will not have any detrimental effects on plant and machinery. The Ozmist system utilizes millions of tiny water …

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Factory and Workshop Cooling

In most applications “spot cooling” is installed to cool workstations. Wall mounted misting fans are positioned to blow mist out over the work area. The mist evaporates and the cool air drops, evaporating and absorbing the heat in the air. As the cool air falls it displaces the hot air which rises and is then …

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Alfresco Cooling Systems

Alfresco dining at hotels, restaurants & cafes is more popular than ever but our high summer temperatures can make the experience unpleasant. Installing an Ozmist misting system will provide genuine cooling for patrons and staff during our long hot summers and make the area more usable. Ozmist misting systems create a stunning visual effect that …

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OzMist Video

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