Computrols is a provider of building management system (BMS), also known as a building automation system (BAS)

Product Line The CBAS building automation system has a multitude of advanced capabilities. Complete HVAC control. Central plants supply air-handling units with chilled water, hot water and/or condenser water systems, as well as transformers and emergency power. Lighting is another automated service that can be turned on and off with a building automation system based on time of day. Operating times can be set by individual tenants within the building. Security systems like Computrols’ Access Control can also be interlocked to a building automation system. If occupancy sensors are present, they can also be used as burglar alarms. Fire and smoke alarm systems such as Computrols’ CSimon Fire Protection System can detect activation of a number of alarms that can signal the presence of a serious safety event.
existing Computrols building automation systems. So why upgrade?
» 100% Backward Compatible
Unplug an X-Line Controller… Plug in the LX Controller… Set the address… and GO!
» Speed, Memory and Power
The computer section of the LX Controller represents a quantum leap in processing power and storage. All of the technical specs are hundreds to thousands of times more powerful than our classic X-Line controller. See our LX specifications to find out what you’re missing.
» Network Security

The years have brought advancements in technology but unfortunately increased risk as well. LX Controllers deliver our latest and strongest security features to your control networks.

» Wire Check

Advances in our 4-in-1 circuitry have taken Computrols “ease-of-installation” to a new level. When it first powers up, the LX enters “Protection Mode” and examines terminated wires for problems. If something isn’t right, “Wire Check” lets the installer know so that the problem can be fixed.

» USB Port

What do you want to connect to your equipment? The new LX Controller’s standard features include a high-speed USB 2.0 serial port. Computrols vision of what a modern equipment controller should include USB, which opens a doorway of possibilities and allows you to integrate thousands of plug-and-play devices on or near your equipment. From tablets to printers to cameras to thumb drives, the list of supported devices is impressive and growing.

» Configuration App

Although you can still use the trusty Computrols Hand Held Terminal, the ease and power of a Nexus 7 are hard to beat. Just plug and play! Use your Android device to set the LX IP address, view your inputs, or control your outputs. Modern and convenient.

» Standalone HVAC Control

Many Computrols clients prefer to install our current X-Line Controllers in standalone applications (with no dedicated CBAS computer). The X-Line’s Internet Protocol design makes this especially convenient. But the LX provides next-generation features that make standalone configuration irresistible. An onboard Web Server enhanced Security, onboard Graphics and History are just a few of the features that make the LX a powerful all-in-one solution

Computrol Products

Product Lines

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning SystemsWhat makes our controllers unlike any other on the market? Computrols HVAC controllers are the backbone of large building automation systems. They are specifically made to meet the challenges of today’s largest and most demanding facilities. Additionally, every Computrols controller comes with a lifetime warranty.


HVAC Automation

On average, HVAC operation accounts for nearly half of a commercial facility’s energy consumption. More importantly, it is responsible for the comfort and health of a building’s tenants as it provides temperature control, fresh air circulation, and filtration.
DDC Controllers
DDC Controls
Having the proper HVAC Controls System in place can generate significant energy and cost savings for commercial building owners, and there is no better solution than the solutions offered by Computrols. Computrols technology interfaces with countless systems and is easy to use after minimal training, providing a truly flexible system with many integrated solutions.
About Computrol

About Computrol

Computrol Company Into by Bloomberg
Computrol is a world-class provider of mid to low volume, high-mix electronics manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers. Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and processes and highly skilled people, Computrol focuses on prototyping and low to medium volume, high mix production of PCB, box build, cable harness and backplane assemblies.
Company Overview Computrols, Inc. designs, manufactures, installs, and services building automation systems throughout North America. Its solutions encompass heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) control; lighting control; access control; and fire alarm systems that can be managed from Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS). The company’s direct digital controllers have open and proprietary protocols built-in that enables direct interfacing to third-party equipment. It also provides DDC HVAC controllers and CSimon Fire Protection System that delivers analog addressable fire detection and control solutions, as well as barrier sealing and testing services. The company offers its systems for… Detailed Description